Medtech - An attractive market for private equity

Attractive business model coupled with market liquidity are driving up premiums however significant care should be taken on finding the right asset

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Body countouring - The next botox?

Following Allergan's announcement on 13 February of its acquisition of bodycountouring specialist ZELTIQ for $2.7bn...

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The future of UK pharmacies

UK pharmacy valuations have been on the rise driven by significantly more demand than supply for pharmacy acquisitions. The UK…

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  • Moderna’s land grab December 8, 2018
    Moderna’s monster IPO gives the company a chance to validate the mRNA space across several treatment paradigms.
  • Path to opioid-free pain relief December 8, 2018
    Clarity on clinical outcomes could be the key to kick-starting development of non-opioid analgesics, an FDA panel meeting suggests.
  • Intermittent move beyond Blincyto December 8, 2018
    ASH data indicate the successor to Amgen’s BiTEs will be less about new targets and more about replacing a 28-day infusion with a less grueling regimen.
  • Novo gets serious about AI-guided drug design December 8, 2018
    Novo is integrating AI throughout its R&D org and creating semi-autonomous research units to drive its next wave of innovation.
  • ADCendo: entering tumors via MRC2 December 7, 2018
    ADCendo’s ADC against MRC2 could treat sarcoma and other cancers at lower doses and with less toxicity than competing ADCs.
  • Taking Tesaro December 7, 2018
    Despite fall in valuation, investors are positive on Tesaro’s portfolio strategy and deal value.
  • INKEF’s creative ambitions December 4, 2018
    Roel Bulthuis joins INKEF with plans to increase healthcare company creation in the Netherlands.
  • Cell therapy momentum at ASH December 1, 2018
    BioCentury’s analysis of clinical abstracts at ASH 2018 points to a surge in new CAR T strategies, while gene therapies lose momentum.
  • China’s germline growing pain December 1, 2018
    Chinese stakeholders want regulators to respond to the CRISPR baby uproar with more oversight of clinical trials, arguing it could boost the ecosystem.
  • Afyx: Mucosal drug delivery November 30, 2018
    Afyx is developing drug patches that could offer more controlled drug exposure than topical agents.